Celebrity Pet Toys Company LTD was started in 2012 by Carol Richardson.

Carol has three passions, rescuing animals, the environment and children.

She has rehabilitated and found homes for hundreds of animals including horses, longhorn cattle, America bison, pigs, chickens, dogs and cats.

After listening to a lecture about plant and animal extinction and climate change given by George Woodwell, founder of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute,  she developed an environmental education program out of concern for the planet and the future of our children.The program included a seedling tree giveaway.

She set her target on McDonalds Restaurants, because they were ideal for distribution.

Successful in her effort, McDonald's agreed to partner with the nation's oldest conservation organization for education and Weyerhaeuser to supply seedlings to do a national tree giveaway.McDonald's gave away 10 million seedling trees with a pamphlet about the importance of trees and the environment in a national program called Let's Get Growing America. They also sent environmental education kits to 60,000 schools across the country.

"Let's Get Growing American"was a win-win for everybody.

McDonald's as Carol was reminded, " was in the business of selling hamburgers. McDonald's had a ten percent increase in sales and positive media, including improved school and community relations.

Carol has served as a marketing consultant to ReNew America, the National Environmental Awards program and an environmental consultant to REDBOOK Magazine.  Carol has wanted to bring voice recordable and musical pets toys to the public since she discovered over 20 years ago that her dogs loved toys which contained her voice!She also found that her dogs liked music in their toys!

No more annoying annoying squeaks!

With no experience in the pet products industry, Carol launched Celebrity Pet Toys Ltd.

The pet toys received rave reviews including an invitation to the Jay Leno television show. Still Carol felt the toys needed some fine tuning.

Her new line of musical and voice recordable pet toys is called the ISing.

The ISing Line offers pet toys that are fun, affordable and truly unique.  ISing pet toys are user friendly, pet tested, lab tested and durable!ISing Pet Toys are voice recordable and the musical ISing pet toys contain songs your dogs will love!

The song offerings give dogs a voice as in, "Pet Me" and "Don't be Mean!"

Also, "Coming Soon" are new voice recordables for dogs and cats and 14 new designs called "Celebrities!"

All Celebrity Pet Toys give back to animal charities and causes and are meant to "Entertain Both You and Your Pet!"